New York Nocturne: View Across 42nd Street

New York Nocturne Painting- View Across 42nd St.

I’ve always loved the word nocturne, as it crosses over between art and music. The American Heritage Dictionary defines nocturne as: 1. A painting of a night scene. 2. An instrumental composition of a pensive, dreamy mood, especially one for the piano. When I think of nocturnes, I think of Chopin’s haunting, moody piano nocturnes. Music with a particular […]

Christmas in New York: Art + Inspiration

Christmas Radio City Music Hall New York City Painting

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the luminous beauty of Christmas in New York City, especially at night. Inspired by the season, I made this new painting of Radio City Music Hall. It was painted digitally on my iPad and is for sale as a custom print. One of my favorite New York City […]

A Soft Autumn Palette Inspired by Central Park

Autumn Path Painting Central Park New York - Beverly Brown Art Prints

Nature’s soft autumn palette of yellow ochre, warm reds and golden greens inspired this digital landscape painting of New York’s Central Park Conservatory Gardens – one of my favorite places in the city.  It was painted on my iPad, using the ArtRage App – also one of my favorites. After years of painting on an iPad, I’m still […]

New Abstract Panoramic Prints

Abstract Panoramic Prints |Beverly Brown Artist

I’ve been experimenting on and off with abstraction and pattern in watercolor. There’s something very freeing about not painting any thing in particular. Of course freedom can be scary. With nothing to refer to, inspiration has to come from within. I do like to give myself some restrictions in terms of color and paper format. In […]

Manhattanhenge Watercolor Painting

Manhattanhenge prints |Beverly Brown Artist

Twice a year, in New York City, the setting sun aligns with the east-west streets of Manhattan, illuminating the urban canyons in dramatic shades of orange, red and yellow. This phenomenon is known as Manhattanhenge. It’s become quite the urban event, with professional and amateur photographers lining up in advance to snag the perfect vantage […]

Digital Painting of Central Park in Spring

|Beverly Brown Artist

The excitement of springtime in New York City continues to inspire me to paint.  The bursts of colors against the monochromatic grays of the city make me feel lighter.  This digital painting of Central Park, with a view of skyscrapers on the horizon, was made on my iPad using the Procreate app.  Framed and canvas prints […]

Sketchbook: Purple Tulips

Watercolor Tulip Pattern Sketch

A quick watercolor pattern sketch of deep purple tulips against a pale yellow background.

Signs of Spring: New Forsythia and Magnolia Prints

|Beverly Brown Artist

It’s impossible not to feel optimistic at the first spring blossoms, particularly after this year’s bone-chilling winter here in New York. Here are a couple of new watercolor prints of forsythia and magnolia blossoms, inspired by photographs I made in Central Park.  I often paint from my photographs.  As you can see in these examples, photographs are just a […]

2014 Art Calendars + Holiday Shipping Deadlines

2014 fashion calendar |Beverly Brown Artist

Like so many people these days, my day-to-day calendar is electronic – but I haven’t given up on paper.  I still enjoy keeping an annual wall calendar by my desk. Visualizing the year at a glance helps me keep things in perspective.  If the calendar is beautiful…so much the better. With this in mind, I’ve […]

End of the Summer Cape Cod Beach Paintings

Cape Cod Beach Painting - Footpath |Beverly Brown Artist

Savoring the end of summer with three new watercolor beach paintings from my recent travels to Cape Cod. These paintings are for sale as framed & canvas giclee prints in my print shop.

Paris Paintings in Black and White

eiffel tower paintings for sale |Beverly Brown Artist

From time to time, I like to take a break from color and paint with a monochromatic palette. This self-imposed limitation forces me to focus exclusively on light and shadow.  Here are a couple of new Paris paintings in black and white – classic Parisian scenes of the Eiffel Tower and a bridge on the […]

Fashion Painting Inspired by Spring Flowers

paintings of fashion for sale |Beverly Brown Artist

With spring blossoms in full force, I was inspired to make this watercolor fashion painting with a background pattern of poppies. I painted the figure and the floral background on separate sheets of paper, then combined them in Photoshop. This painting is for sale as framed or canvas prints in my shop.

The Red Shoe

shoe paintings for sale|Beverly Brown Artist

I painted this red evening shoe several times before coming up with just the right shade of green to enhance the mid-century vintage feel of the design. This is one of a series of watercolor shoe paintings for sale in my print shop.

Black Evening Shoe with Feather

shoe art prints|Beverly Brown Artist

I love the dramatic swoop of the feather on these black evening shoes.  In this watercolor painting I chose a dark purple background to enhance the sense of drama.  Custom framed and canvas prints of this painting as well as other shoe art prints are available in my print shop.

Shoes with Red Hearts

wedding art gifts|Beverly Brown Artist

A watercolor painting of a pair of shoes decorated with bright red hearts.  Custom prints of this painting are available in my print shop.  The prints would be perfect for a romantic gift  – for Valentine’s Day or wedding art gifts.

Black T Strap Shoes

paintings of shoes for sale|Beverly Brown Artist

A watercolor painting of a pair of vintage-inspired pair of black t-strap shoes in shades of black and pale blue.

Summer Flip Flop Sandals with Flowers

beach paintings|Beverly Brown Artist

This sunny watercolor of a pair of  flip flop sandals makes me dream of summer days.

The Little Blue Dress – Back and Front

blue paintings for sale|Beverly Brown Artist

Light has always been one of my obsessions, as a photographer and a painter.  This pair of watercolor paintings of a woman wearing a dark blue halter dress are illuminated by moody, film noir-style light.

Woman in Pink & Black Lingere

paintings of women for sale|Beverly Brown Artist

This lush, sexy, feminine watercolor painting features the back view of a woman wearing pink and black lingere against a diaphanous pink watercolor background.

Festive Red Ruffles – iPad Illustration

red and black fashion prints|Beverly Brown Artist

A fun, festive image of a woman in a red ruffled skirt and feather hair ornament – painted digitally with the ArtRage app on my iPad. Available as fashion illustration prints for sale.