White Dress Red Belt

Watercolor Fashion Art - White and Pink Dress|Beverly Brown Artist

I love to experiment with painting the way we actually see, with different elements moving  in and out of  focus.

1940s Style Retro Bathing Suit

Watercolor Fashion Illustration 1940s Vintage Style|Beverly Brown Artist

These watercolor fashion figure studies evoke the 1940s with the inspiration of a vintage-style bathing suit and a snood.

Vintage Mitsouko Perfume

Vintage Mitsouko Perfume Bottle Art Print|Beverly Brown Artist

I used muted colors and impressionist brushstrokes to create a nostalgic feel to this watercolor illustration of a vintage bottle of Guerlain Mitsouko perfume.

A White Summer Hat

Watercolor Fashion Art White Hat |Beverly Brown Artist

On this hot July day….a watercolor fashion illustration of a woman in a wide-brimmed white hat, orange sundress and wedge heels.

Floral Print High Heels

Shoes with Flowers Art Print|Beverly Brown Artist

A fresh, summery, watercolor illustration of high heeled pumps printed with a floral pattern against a bright green background.

Floral Bathing Suit, Turban & Sunglasses

Watercolor Fashion Art Bathing Suit|Beverly Brown Artist

In this summer watercolor fashion illustration hot summery colors – orange, yellow and bright pink.

Inspired by Alexander McQueen at the Met

Watercolor Fashion Art Red & Black|Beverly Brown Artist

I was so moved by the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met Museum of Art in NYC .  His designs struck me as self portraits as much as fashion,  a medium usually associated with artifice.  This watercolor is of a gown from the 2001 VOSS collection, made of red and black ostrich feathers and glass […]

Woman in Mauve Evening Gown

Fashion Art Watercolor - Woman in Mauve Evening Dress|Beverly Brown Artist

A watercolor fashion illustration of a woman in a mauve ruffled evening dress against a yellow-green background.  My preliminary charcoal sketch appears below.

Woman in an Orange Evening Gown

Fashion Watercolor Art - Woman in an Orange Evening Gown|Beverly Brown Artist

A watercolor fashion illustration of a woman wearing a bright orange evening gown with a black lace single sleeve and feathers in her hair.   Below is my charcoal preparatory sketch.  Before making a watercolor painting I usually begin with a value study in either charcoal or pencil.

Inspired by Coco Chanel

Chanel Art Print|Beverly Brown Artist

Inspired by Coco Chanel, the 20th century fashion icon. I achieved the white on black effect by starting with a watercolor painting on paper; scanning it; then inverting the digital image in Photoshop, so that the values are reversed.

Woman in Sunglasses and Kerchief

Fashion Illustration Watercolor - Woman in Plaid Skirt |Beverly Brown Artist

A watercolor fashion illustration of a woman on a bench, wearing big sunglasses, a polka dot kerchief and a plaid skirt.

Woman in a White Dress with Black Trim

Watercolor Fashion Art Woman in White and Black Dress|Beverly Brown Artist

A very simple, slightly retro, monochromatic watercolor fashion illustration of a woman in a white eyelet mini dress with black trim, wearing black gloves.

Woman in Pink Flowered Skirt

Watercolor Fashion Art Print Flowered Skirt|Beverly Brown Artist

I tried to capture the feeling of spring sunshine in this watercolor fashion illustration of a woman wearing a skirt printed with large pink flowers on a turquoise background.

Fashion Illustration in Plum and Black

watercolor fashion illustration|Beverly Brown Artist

An atmospheric watercolor fashion illustration of a woman in an asymmetrical plum colored shirt, short shorts and black boots.

Inspired by Poiret

Inspired by Paul Poiret|Beverly Brown Artist

Inspired by Balenciaga

watercolor fashionart|Beverly Brown Artist

A watercolor fashion illustration inspired by the 20th century fashion design icon, Cristobal Balenciaga.  This one is inspired by a black wool suit from 1951.

Woman in a Green Jumpsuit and Mottled Background

Watercolor Fashion Art Green Yellow|Beverly Brown Artist

A fashion illustration made with richly colored inks – an experiment with texture and pattern, and the interplay between subject and background.

Woman in a White Dress

watercolor fashionart|Beverly Brown Artist

A loose, impressionist-style fashion illustration made with colored inks. The inks dry very quickly and the brush strokes have more texture compared with painting with watercolors.

Woman in a Pillbox Hat and Blue Suit

watercolor fashion illustration art prints|Beverly Brown Artist

A fashion illustration made with richly-pigmented liquid inks of a woman in a retro-inspired suit and pillbox hat.

Woman in a Purple Jumpsuit

watercolor fashion illustration art print|Beverly Brown Artist

An experiment in fashion illustration using richly colored inks instead of my usual watercolor paints.